Donate / Sponsor

How is the Bingley Community Kitchen funded?

Funding for the Community Kitchen to date has been through a small number of small grants for which we can apply and by donations from local organisations and members of the public through our Just Giving page. In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the focus of the Community Kitchen required us to purchase equipment for mass catering; this was an unexpected expense for us.

Just Giving campaigns can only run for a set length of time so we will update this page with the most recent. We also have a Co-Op Cause page which anyone can contribute to if they are members of the Co-Op. It doesn’t matter where you are in the country, all you have to do is nominate our cause by using the link below.

How could you help support the Bingley Community Kitchen?

You could help us by many different ways:-

  • Volunteering your time when the school is closed to the children and needy families especially during weekends and holiday periods
  • Donating food (such as tins and dried goods to support us in making up food parcels with recipes)
  • and of course, the big one is donating money

If you are interested in volunteering especially at weekends or during holiday periods or making a donation please contact us using our online form.