Our Vision & Mission

The vision of Bingley Community Kitchen is to develop a healthier, more food-secure community.

Our mission is to help children, families and the elderly within our community to eat well through a range of services.

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Our Aims

To alleviate poverty and financial hardship of children, families and the elderly within Bingley which is in Bradford District by providing goods and services they could not otherwise afford.

To improve through educational opportunities the health and wellbeing of the children and families by responding to their ongoing identified needs.

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How Can You Help?

Volunteering your time when the school is closed to the children and needy families especially during weekends and holiday periods.

Donating food (such as tins and dried goods to support us in making up food parcels with recipes).

And, of course, the big one is donating money.

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Space to Share

Bingley Community Kitchen began with a desire to help needy families to eat nutritious meals through the “Cook and Eat” sessions organised during the Summer Holidays. It is now developing into a space where families on a low income can learn and explore the world of food as well as find meals that are quick, easy and healthy.

There are so many reasons that feeding the family a healthy meal is a challenge, and that challenge is different for each family: sometimes it’s time and energy, sometimes it’s from a lack of inspiration or knowledge, and sometimes it’s access and affordability. Whatever your reason, BCK is here to support you in your journey toward your best relationship with food.

Our Community Kitchen works to address as many of these challenges as possible through a range of activities including cooking classes for inspiration and knowledge.

Follow the links in the menu above to read more about What We Do, our Vision as well as how to Volunteer and Donate.